How Do You Knock Down The Walls In Bully?

How do you block a bully?

L1, the same button you use to aim..

How do you break down walls in Bully?

You can go through different rooms/ out on the fire escape to get 2 of the items you need. After that, you’ll have to fight someone with a sledgehammer in a boss battle of sorts. Defeat him and you can pick up the sledgehammer, which you use to break down the walls and get the remaining 2 items.

How do you beat Norton in Bully?

The best strategy is to shoot away at him with the bottle rocket, or fire crackers. Norton moves slowly and his life can easily be whittled down. Norton does not drop the sledgehammer, even if hit with a stinkbomb or tripped with marbles.

How do you collect Lola’s items in Bully?

You have to go all the way up to the 2nd floor, collecting all the items that aren’t behind a wall. If you have those 3 items, a guy will come with a sledgehammer, you can finnish him off easily with a weapon. After that, the weapon is yours, pick it up and smash those walls !

How do you pick up things in Bully?

You have to drop them before grappling an opponent. to pick up an item from the ground, and the same button to drop one that you’re holding.

What happens when you get all the rubber bands in Bully?

Collecting the 75 Rubber Bands scattered throughout the game world will unlock an additional weapon for Jimmy’s inventory: the Rubber Band Ball. When you pass Geography class #2 in Scholarship Edition, you unlock all the locations on your map.