Question: What Age Is Considered Senior At Regal Cinemas?

How much are seniors movie tickets?

Event Cinemas PricesAGETICKET PRICEChild$15.00 – $17.00Adult$20.00 – $23.00Student/Pensioner$16.50 – $18.50Senior$14.50 – $17.5036 more rows.

What age is a senior at Regal Cinemas?

60 and overRegal Entertainment Group’s policy for a Senior Citizen’s ticket is age 60 and over. No children 6 and under are allowed into a “R” rated movie.

Does Regal Cinemas have AARP discounts?

And AARP members can get discounts at Regal Cinemas when they buy their tickets online.

How much is a senior movie ticket at Regal?

Regal Ticket PricesAGETICKET PRICEChildren (<11 years)$10.00 - $13.00adults$10.50 $13.50seniors (ages 60+)$10.00 $13.00movies (tuesday)80 more rows•mar 22, 2017

What day is senior discount day at Cinemark theaters?

Cinemark offers its weekly Discount Day every Tuesday at participating locations. Ticket prices range from $1 to $5.75, depending on the location. (There is an upcharge for 3-D films.) The offer is not valid for new movies on opening day, specially priced engagements or on holidays.

Can you bring water into Regal Cinemas?

All Regal Entertainment Group theatres are smoke-free environments. Outside Food or Drink: No outside food or drink is permitted in the theatre.

Does Regal do free popcorn refills?

Free Large Refills – Regal Cinemas offers a FREE refill (during the same visit) on a large popcorn. It’s a smart move for budget-conscious families or friends.

Did AMC stop $5 Tuesdays?

We renamed it Discount Tuesdays at the beginning of 2019 because very quietly we’ve been taking price increases on Tuesday pushing Tuesday from $5 to anywhere between $5 and $7 depending upon the theater. AMC’s website currently states that it charges $6 on Tuesdays in some states and $5 or less in others.

Can you bring your own food into Regal Cinemas?

Like most theaters, Regal does not allow patrons to bring in outside food and drinks. … AMC, the nation’s second-largest cinema chain, gives theaters managers the discretion to check for bags if they have security concerns, but there is no bag check policy for all theaters, said one person close to the company.

What day is discount day at Regal Cinemas?

All day Sunday and Tuesdays enjoy $8.00 tickets. Find Tickets and Showtimes! All day Tuesday enjoy $6.50 tickets. Find Tickets and Showtimes!

How do you get free popcorn at Regal Cinemas?

To use it you simply have the concession people scan your regal app and their system will show that you have a free popcorn.

Does Regal Cinemas offer AAA discount?

Note: Select AAA Stores offer additional savings on Regal purchases. Please contact your local AAA Store for pricing and availability. In addition, select Regal Entertainment locations offer discounted senior, matinée or value pricing options (sold at theater box office).

Is the Regal unlimited plan worth it?

If you go to the movies a lot, Regal’s new subscription plan may be a good value. But with a 12-month commitment and cost of more than $200 a year, make sure that you’ll really use it before you join.

Does Regal offer senior discounts?

Yes, Regal does offer senior discounts.

Does Regal do $5 Tuesdays?

Tickets are just $5 on Tuesdays with Regal Cinemas Value Days. … 3-D, RPX and IMAX tickets will be $8.50 each. Prices vary by location it seems, but most are starting at around $5ish.

What movie theaters give senior discounts?

55+Carmike Cinemas. Discounts vary by location. … Georgia Theatre Company. Discounts vary by location and showtime. … Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. Discounts vary from theater to theater. … AMC/Loews Theatres. Discounts vary by location. … B&B Theaters. Generally $1 or $2 off.Celebration Cinemas. … Entertainment Cinemas. … Fridley Theatres.More items…•

How can I get discounted movie tickets?

Here are 15 ways to save on movie tickets.Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers. Brand New Images/Getty Images. … Attend a Free Screening. … Go to the Movies on a Weekday. … Go to a Drive-In Theater. … Go Early for Cheaper Movie Tickets. … Work Your Memberships. … Buy Your Movie Tickets in Bulk. … Enter Sweepstakes to Win Movie Tickets.More items…

Is age 55 considered a senior?

As I mentioned, 55 is the age at which you’re considered to be a senior citizen — at least in the eyes on many businesses offering discounts. Being labeled a senior citizen might make you feel old, but you should still take advantage of the perks.