What Does Frighten Mean?

What is outrageous mean?


of the nature of or involving gross injury or wrong: an outrageous slander.

grossly offensive to the sense of right or decency: outrageous behavior; an outrageous remark.

passing reasonable bounds; intolerable or shocking: an outrageous price..

What is mean by terribly?

2 : in a terrible way : very badly, poorly, or unpleasantly behaving terribly They were treated terribly.

What does atrocious mean in English?

adjective. extremely or shockingly wicked, cruel, or brutal: an atrocious crime. shockingly bad or tasteless; dreadful; abominable: an atrocious painting; atrocious manners.

How do you describe a frightened person?

Here are 20 ways of expressing fear:afraid of your own shadow – nervous/timid/easily frightened. … shaking like a leaf – to tremble with fear. … quaking in your boots – trembling with fear. … heebie jeebies – a state of fear/discomfort/nervousness. … scared out of one’s wits – extremely frightened.More items…•

What is the opposite word of frightened?

Antonyms for frightened calm, cool, courageous, bold, comforted, happy, brave, unafraid.

What is a sentence for Frighten?

Frighten sentence examples. Maybe a little noise would frighten the animal away. That’s a thing to frighten me with!

What are synonyms frightened?

Synonyms forafraid.anxious.fearful.panicky.startled.abashed.frozen.petrified.

What does dreadfully frightened mean?

Dreadful means “full of dread,” “feeling a sense of dread,” or “causing dread.” Dread means fear or anxiety. The adjective dreadful can describe something truly devastating, like the dreadful aftermath of a tornado, or something that’s awful on a more personal level, like a dreadful blind date.

What is another word for streams?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stream, like: river, brook, water, current, run, rivulet, gush, flow, autopotamic, arroyo and course.

What is the meaning of arrant?

being notoriously without moderation: being notoriously without moderation : extreme we are arrant knaves, all; believe none of us— William Shakespeare.

What does Afraid mean?

1. Afraid, alarmed, frightened, terrified all indicate a state of fear. Afraid implies inner apprehensive disquiet: afraid of the dark. … Frightened means shocked with sudden, but usually short-lived, fear, especially that arising from apprehension of physical harm: frightened by an accident.

What is the base word of frightened?

A frightened camper might tremble with fear as she listens to the scary campfire stories her counselor tells. … All of these words share an Old English root, fyrhtu, “fear, dread, trembling, or horrible sight.”

What is the meaning of scream?

1. Scream, shriek, screech apply to crying out in a loud, piercing way. To scream is to utter a loud, piercing cry, especially of pain, fear, anger, or excitement: to scream with terror. The word is used also for a little, barely audible cry given by one who is startled.